Charles Dennis Hale, EdD, MBA

Active Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Photo of Charles Dennis Hale

Charles Dennis Hale is a highly successful education industry leader with a distinguished career as a Professor and Administrator in the Higher Education sector. He is known for his accomplishments in strategic planning, program ideation and process improvements in academic operations at the collegiate level. His proven ability to guide faculty and administrators in significantly improving educational quality has led to measurable outcomes at the learning, retention and organizational levels. He resides in Zephyrhills, Florida, near Tampa.

Core Competencies

  • Student/Learner Centered Strategic Learning & Instructional Design
  • Values-Based Developmental Philosophy
  • Active Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Pedagogy
  • Leadership, Management, & Program Evaluation Education
  • Bachelors/Graduate/Continuing Education Proficiency
  • International Teaching & Program Administration
  • Online, Blended, & Traditional Teaching and Instructional Design
  • Build Strong, Quality Academic Organizations, Processes, & Infrastructure
  • Coach, Mentor, & Develop Highly Effective Faculty & Staff

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Active Teaching and Learning: A Primer

Six chapters introducing active learning, active teaching, assessing teaching effectiveness, the interactive lecture, cooperative learning, and problem based learning.

Measuring Learning and Performance: A Primer

Third edition. Six chapters introducing assessment, descriptive statistics, reliability and validity, test construction, performance assessment, and standardized testing.

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